We don’t always get a request to make Shukto for a catered event but when we did, we were delighted.. A Shukto is true blue dish from Bengal.. rarely made  outside a Bengali home.   A proper Shukto is an acquired taste and like most simple dishes needs to be made properly.. the finished dish should have a completely white gravy with not much colour and oodles of flavours in perfect balance. Shukto vegetables  are chosen for their contrasting taste and texture –  so  sweet potato for sweetness or Karelia  (bitter gourd) for bitterness , green bananas, sheem( a large flat bean) , aubergines, etc are all cut and then sautéed separately. The trick is to know how much to sauté each vegetable and what size to cut each one so that they all cook at exactly the same time when added to the final dish.. The seasoning is minimal – a tempering of panchphoran or Indian whole five spice, fresh ginger and green chilli  for heat, posto or poppy seeds for nuttiness and a bit of milk with some sugar to add that hint of sweetness.. The final crunch comes from fried and crush bori which are made from lentils and if you are feeling indulgent you need to add a little bit of home made ghee.. served with steamed rice.. I could almost become a vegetarian.. almost!! #authentic #surreycaterer #madewithlove