Love a curry but don’t know where to begin? Come join us for our fun and hands on cookery sessions. Our stress free and hands on classes are ideal for beginners and experienced cooks alike and are all about exploring, adapting and recreating time tested dishes with a dash of your very own style.

Every session include many cups of fragrant Chai, an intensive master class on spices, hands on cooking of a minimum of five dishes, all recipes and ingredients and a sit down lunch with a glass of wine.   Sessions cost £360 in total for a group of up to six people and usually work out from £60 per person depending on the number of people in your group.

Our cookery experiences make fantastic birthday, wedding, Christmas and anniversary presents and are a great way to celebrate special events or even corporate team days out.

Easy Indian – The Beginners Way

Meant for those who are new to Indian cooking or lack the confidence to cook Indian. This session will demystify Indian spices and flavours and you will go home with the knowledge and confidence to cook a proper Indian meal with a fragrant rice pulao, two main dishes – vegetarian and a meat/ chicken dish as well as flavoursome lentil or daal.

Entertaining – the Indian Way

If you love the perfect curry and love entertaining then this one is for you. Starting with a Spice talk we will quickly move onto creating a fabulous Indian feast that will amaze your friends and family. From a perfect melt in the mouth starter to a sumptuous main menu comprising of a fish, vegetarian and chicken dish complete with soft white naans, this one is guaranteed to impress.

Vegetarian Delicacies

From a delicate Paneer Malai Makhani to a smoked aubergine bharta to a spicy Potato Masala to a flavoursome daal makhani we will traverse the length and breadth of India for a complete culinary explosion. Who said vegetarian food was dull and boring and we guarantee you will not look at vegetables in the same way again.

Street Food – Desi Style

The streets of India are filled with delicious carts of the most amazing street food from Mumbai to Calcutta. So if you always wanted to snack on crunchy chaat and spicy chick peas then this one is for you.

Only Fish

Love Fish but need some inspiration to cook and serve it differently. From an fragrant Kerala Fish Curry to a crispy Fish Amritsari you will learn it all. One fish cooked four ways. Each one different and each one amazing…

Surviving University with a Curry

How to gain friends and influence your uni friends by cooking the perfect curry of course. You will be amazed at how easy it is to rustle up a no fuss Indian meal, complete with curry , rice, a side and a salad…Never go hungry again!!

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